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LUTO group

Our group is a cluster of companies with more than 13 years of experience. We offer personnel services and manufacturing outsourcing. We can help you identify and hire the right candidates within all industry fields.

Our company

Personnel services

We provide personnel services mainly in the field of automotive industry, mechanical engineering, logistics, electrotechnical field, metal, foundry and construction industry. We can however support you with recruitment in other additional working fields.

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Zasadnutie ľudí Luto Group a diskusia Recruitment Agency employment Psychological assessment Recruitment Psychological assessment Agency employment

Construction assembly projects

We operate in the field of construction assembly as an outsourcing company thanks to a well-established team of 250 qualified and experienced experts. Each team works under a supervision of a specialized team leader and we also have a network of construction site managers.

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lutogroup-ConstructionAndAssembly Transportation Delivery of respective insurance Social and health insurance Accommodation Transportation Accommodation Delivery of respective insurance

Foundry industry

We have been providing outsourcing services in the field of foundry industry for more than 6 years not only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also in Germany. Our main priorities are quality and reliability. The team counts approximately 200 specialists having a longstanding expertise in foundry.

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lutogroup-foundryindustry Quality Reliability 200 professionals Quality Reliability 200 professionals

Why LUTO group?


More than 60 construction
projects successfully finalized


More than 13 years
of experience


Dynamic team consisting
out of 35 professionals


More than 200
satisfied customers


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